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Lose yourself with me  


Statement of intent

Stereotyped, stigmatized, hypersexualized or invisible... sexuality between women is a source of whimsical questions, unbridled imaginations, worn-out clichés that oscillate between repulsion and idealization.

I wanted to reveal and subvert lesbian sexuality through the senses, to offer a sensory experience to the public by plunging it into a state of confusion to better approach the mystery of desire and female enjoyment.

I wanted to break down prejudices, make visible and sensitive an intimacy and a subtle, complex, disturbing, dreamlike, sometimes violent, yet powerful sexuality.

I wanted to make a film that appeals both to the unconscious of images and sounds and to everyone's unconscious. A film of emotions and anxieties, nourished by my memories, my obsessions, my fantasies and my fears.

Here there is no face, no body, no incarnation, no possible identification.
But a moist atmosphere. An alchemy of sweat, pulsating blood, tense muscles, mixed breaths, vibrations, deliverance. An invitation to stroll through the blurred contours of an inextricable world of quest and what fills it, of lack and fullness, of expectation and delight, of burning and appeasement.

This film, I composed it from photographs – of flowers – and sounds – organic.
I combined them to create another energy, a third dimension which is freed by their entanglement. Work on photographic and sound textures that support or disturb the primary visual emotion. To spark the imagination.

Turn fantasies about lesbian sexuality like a glove. Give to feel the convulsions of the flesh. Lighting the fuse of desire to get lost in a labyrinth of secret and mysterious pleasures.

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