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The Kiss


Experimental film, 11'13''


In the night, a long kiss is exchanged between two women who are not seen on screen.

Only their voices, intertwined, speak of this kiss, an act that is at once banal, fragile, emotionally embodied in their invisible bodies, passionate, perhaps stifling, even violent, in love. But the temporality of the two voices throws things into confusion: is it a present kiss, a future kiss, a past kiss? The emotion of desire, experienced differently by each, catches up with us. The unknown of this kiss, whether real, fantasised or lost forever, is the only real presence in the film.


Direction, text and photography : Véronique Bourlon

Voices : Isabelle Bouvrain & Céline Julien

Original music : Rob & Moritz Reich

Performed by : Quatuor Zaïde

Editing and mixing : Cécile Chagnaud

Graphic design : Camille Gabarra

Format 16:9 based on 1:1 photography

Stereo sound


> Promenades photographiques, Blois, 2024

To view the whole film, link and password by clicking here .  

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