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Lose yourself with me


Experimental film, 7'20"


Stereotyped, stigmatised, hypersexualised or invisibilised... sexuality between women is a source of fantastical questions, of unbridled imagination, of hackneyed clichés that oscillate between repulsion and idealisation.


I wanted to unveil and subvert lesbian sexuality through the senses, to offer a sensory experience by plunging the audience into a state of confusion to better approach the mystery of desire and female pleasure.


I wanted to make a film that appealed to the unconscious of the images and sounds as well as to the unconscious of each individual. A film of emotions and anxieties, fed by my memories, my obsessions, my fantasies and my fears...


To make you feel the convulsions of the flesh. To light the fuse of desire to get lost in a labyrinth of secret and mysterious pleasures.

Direction and photography : Véronique Bourlon

Editing and sound design : Cécile Chagnaud


> Rencontres Internationales Traverse, Toulouse, 2024

> Cinémathèque française, Paris, 2023

> Festival international de films de femmes, Créteil, 2023

> Festival du regard, Cergy-Pontoise, 2022

> Bloom Party, Régal Montpellier, 2022

> Festival Côté court, Pantin, 2022

> The Holy Art Gallery, London, 2022

> Les Nuits photo Festival, Paris, 2021

To view the whole film, link and password by clicking here .  

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