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The Flowers of Evil            

Diary of a lockdown

2020 – Photographs

First lockdown 2020.

An irrepressible need to keep the link in a world that is deforming before my eyes.

A mise en abime of living nature, a tribute to the life that surrounds us, that seems not to be seen, under the concrete of the cities.

A tribute also to the death that brushes against us, that lurks, that deserves another look.

Parallel lives are revealed.

On the balconies, in the streets, in the courtyards of Paris, flowers expose their impulse of life, their fragility, their eroticism or their threat.

They breathe freedom, and persist in growing despite the tragedy that is unfolding. 

To photograph them was to photograph my intimate landscapes, the only ones accessible in this troubling period.


> Le Salon dans la cour, Paris, 2021

> New Galerie, Paris, 2020


> Les fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil) , Le Bec en l'air Editions, 2020


> Carte blanche to Marion Scemama : Véronique Bourlon, birth of a photographic gesture 

9 Lives magazine, 2020

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