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Summer Night's Dreams
2023 - Photographs

In the heart of the city, the urban park is a unique space.

During the day, it's a place for pleasure, but at night, time slows down, silence reigns, and nature takes over.

As in Shakespeare's comedies, at night the elves wake up when the humans fall asleep.


Here, there is no finitude of bodies. Instead, they dissolve into space, both physical and temporal.

The archaic fears of the night resurface unconsciously and can be read in the fleeting traces of bodies in motion.

A sensitive relationship is forged between a nature that has become mysterious and the bodies of the characters in suspension, on the verge of disappearance, ghostly... playing hide-and-seek between trunks, leaves, rocks and sprawling shadows.

Their relationship with the elements is altered, becoming unstable and impermanent. Under the beams of artificial lighting, the shadows merge, we think we see a tree when it's a man, a sleeper when it's a rock. The assimilation is unsettling and gives rise to paradoxical images, at once floating and irremediably anchored in the reality of the moment.




> Summer Night's Dreams (extract),

Promenades photographiques, Blois.

28 June to 1 September 2024

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